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Lake George Community Day set
Limerick Plantation
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Eyesore of the week:  This week’s nomination is 111 Woods Drive in Lake George. The old trailer looks abandoned and the shed next to it is a shambles. There are toys all over the property and the grass is as high as an elephant’s eye. Does anyone know who owns this property? This shouldn’t be allowed.

Watchdogs or not? Recently, there was an article about how the DNR keeps a careful watch on fishermen in this area. Yet when I read Allen Branch’s fishing report each week, I find it astounding the amount of fish that people keep. How can anyone clean 44 sheephead, 30 black sea bass, 50 dolphins and where in the world do they keep it all? These are figures that have been published. What are they keeping their eye on? They should be checking not only the amount that is caught, but the sizes. And what about people with illegal docks? I know of one at Waterford Plantation that is so illegal it sticks out like a sore thumb, yet the DNR turns the other way and pretends it is not there. I remember last summer trying to get them to check the Jerico River for contaminates. I spoke to at least three DNR employees and not one of them seemed concerned. When you see our roadsides sprayed with powerful chemicals, the railroad tracks that run right through Lake George sprayed with Lord knows what, shouldn’t it worry the DNR about all of that seeping into our ground water and, worse yet, washing into our rivers?

Old Ironsides: The USS Constitution was nicknamed “Old Ironsides” because cannonballs would not penetrate her tough oak sides. The Constitution made its last combat tour in 1814-15.  Restored in 1925, the Constitution is now the oldest commissioned vessel in the US Navy, presently serving as a museum ship at the Charleston Navy Yard in Boston, Mass. Come out to Melon Bluff on Saturday and walk the beautiful guided trail. Learn about “Old Ironsides” and the tall ships that saved our nation. Discover why wood that sinks, makes ships that don’t. Plant an oak. Learn why Georgia should be the Pitch State. Discover why our coastal natural resource, the mighty oak, was once as valuable as oil is today and could be priceless again. Meet live oakers, explore their camp, taste their food and hear about their danger-ridden lives. Climb a tower into the treetops and enjoy the magnificent view. It’s fun for the entire family. The trails are difficult to negotiate strollers, but a wagon would do. No pets please.  

Community Day at Lake George:
Mark your calendars way in advance, so you don’t plan anything else on Oct. 20. An open house is planned to take place at the Lake George Fire Station from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.  There will be lots of fun things for the children to do. There will also be food and drinks available. Buzzly the Fire Safety Bee will be there. A Lifestar helicopter will land and be on display.  The Red Cross will be there and the rollover trailer from the Jesup Police Department will also be present. Explorer scouts will have a display and the American Legion will be selling spaghetti dinners and drinks. The last time the event took place, the Ladies Club got involved and had lots of good food and treats. I don’t know yet if they’ll be involved this time. If you miss this, you will be missing a fun day for the entire family and you’ll miss lots of good information.

What happened? The Courier published an article two years ago, on Sept. 9, reporting the old campground at South Newport Village was going to be done away with and condos, town homes, hotels and a marina would be built there. What went wrong?  

Mark your calendars:
• Saturday: Walk the trails at Melon Bluff and learn about “Old Ironsides”
• Oct. 6: Coastfest at DNR Headquarters in Brunswick at foot of Sidney Lanier Bridge. Fun for the entire family. Drive Highway 17 the whole way.
• Oct. 6: Lake George Ladies Club community yard sale
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