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Limerick Plantation happenings
Let's get wild!
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Clarification:  It seems at least one individual misinterpreted one of the things I mentioned in my 2006 summary. I welcomed the Villages of Limerick to our Lake George community. No, the Villages are not in Lake George, but they are certainly a part of our community, as is Woodland Lakes, and Seabrook. Everyone who lives in Lake George knows that when you pay your POA dues, you are entitled to all the amenities within the boundaries of Lake George. No one outside the boundaries (west of the railroad tracks) are allowed to enjoy these amenities but the paid residents of Lake George. I hope that clears up any misunderstandings.
What’s that? If you’ve driven down Martin Drive in Midway recently, you will have noticed a huge piece of property being developed.  When I called Midway City Hall, to inquire about it, I was told John Carnes of Richmond Hill is building upscale town homes that will be called Shady Oaks Town Homes. What a nice addition to the city of Midway. Now, if Mayor Emmons can just get those horrible bumps on Butler Avenue in front of the Heritage Bank fixed, we’ll all be happy.
Fundraiser and flag ceremony: The East Liberty County American Legion is sponsoring a fish fry and flag ceremony at the Colonial Midway Church on Saturday, Jan. 27. The fish dinners will include hushpuppies and slaw for a $5 donation and a variety of drinks will be available for 50 cents each. The dinners will be available starting at 3 p.m., then the flag ceremony will begin at 5 o’clock. The ceremony will be a dignified disposal of unserviceable American flags. The public is invited.
Let’s get wild! I had the pleasure of attending my first wild game supper at Bamboo Farms last February and could not believe what I ate. I’ve never been a fan of wild game, but I am now. Al Cox and his helpers from Cox Quail Farm in Portal will once again serve a delicious meal, all for a $20 donation.  The wild game hors d’oeuvres last year consisted of boiled quail eggs, alligator, wild boar and lots of other goodies. My friends Lavada and Buck Floyd and I almost filled up on the hors d’oeuvres. Then came the big meal of country-fried quail, venison, alligator steaks, grits and wild game gravy and a whole lot more.  This is one of the biggest treats you’ll ever experience. Please note, there is a limit of how many tickets can be sold. The supper is Friday, Feb. 23 at 6:30 p.m. at the lakeside pavilion. Call (912) 921-5897 now, or better yet, stop by the Bamboo Farms on Highway 17 south and pick up a ticket. They may want you to mail in your $20 in advance, so give them a call right away.
Sprucing up. I did get new curtains for my bedroom, and I have managed to get rid of old carpet in my bathroom and hallway, but I want all the carpet gone, except my two bedrooms. Carpet gets stained ... holds germs and odors .. it needs to go. Give this serious thought folks. If you had to move tomorrow, would packing all your “stuff” be a nightmare or a piece of cake?

Mark your calendar:
Friday, Jan. 19: Gen. Robert E. Lee’s birthday
Saturday, Jan. 27: Fish fry and flag ceremony at the Colonial Midway Church at 3 p.m.
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