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Native Americans' role in Revolution noted
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Jim Sawgrass of the Muskogee Creek Indian Tribe will entertain Fort Morris visitors March 31.

Fort Morris State Historic Site will celebrate Native Americans and the American Revolution from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Saturday, March 31.
As the British guns of Gen. Augustine Prevost opened up on Fort Morris on Jan. 9, 1779, a war cry rang out. The next day, the fort was surrendered. Native Americans were a part of America’s war for independence.
Jim Sawgrass of the Muskogee Creek Indian Tribe will be at Fort Morris on March 31 to give two presentations on Native American life.
Fort Morris is at 2559 Fort Morris Road in Midway, seven miles east of I-95's exit 76.
Admission to the event is $3-$4.50. Military members with a valid ID will be admitted for free.
For more information, call 912-884-5999 or email

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