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Adjustments would improve bus system
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Editor, The reason the public transportation system may be failing is because of its limited route schedule within Liberty County including Walthourville, Allenhurst, Gum Branch, Midway and Riceboro. This is where many riders who need transportation could be picked up.
For example, I live just off Highway 196 West across from the district attorney’s office. But I have to walk to Liberty Regional Medical Center to catch a bus to go to Winn Army Community Hospital or on post to the PX and commissary. It would be nice if they could send a bus out here to Highway 196 West all the way to Gum Branch, back down to Airport Road to Walthourville and Allenhurst on Highway 84 and back to Liberty Regional Hospital, where we could transfer to a bus going on Fort Stewart.
The route to Midway and Riceboro would work the same way. I walk two miles in hopes of making it to the medical center to catch the bus to Fort Stewart before it rains. More covered stops like the ones at the intersection of Highway 196 West and Gen. Screven Way would give riders another reason to ride the buses in addition to adding more routes.
More people will ride the bus when the price of gas goes back up to around $4 a gallon. And if you have not noticed, lately the price of gas in Liberty County has gone up because the demand is so high. Expanding services would also help to cut down on all the traffic out on Highways 196 West and 84.
I also think the local government wanted the buses to fail because they did not provide service to more areas in the county.
When I was serving in the Army, we had a 75 cent bus line that ran from Fort Lewis, Wash., to Tacoma and Sea-Tac Airport to Seattle, and this bus ran until 2 a.m.! It probably cost around $40 one
I hope this has opened some people’s eyes about what is needed for our bus system to be profitable.

— Robert J. Wetmore

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