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Article omitted important information
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Editor: I want to thank you for the article in Sunday’s newspaper entitled “Free Wireless Internet Service at Parks.” It did a great job of illustrating the progressiveness of Liberty County and our growing community.
I would, however, like to take an opportunity to point out several omissions that we believe left out important information our citizens need to know.
First of all, CenturyTel/Coastal Communications has been a key partner from the very beginning of this venture to bring WiFi service to our parks. Without their help, this project would never have been possible and they deserve to be recognized for their unsurpassed contribution.
Secondly, the article failed to mention the location of our other wireless HotSpot. Not only is WiFi service available at Stafford/Troop Park, but it is also at James Brown Park in Hinesville.
Broadband users with wireless-enabled laptops simply log on to the Internet via any browser and, after registering and logging in, can surf the Internet.
The hours of the WiFi service is 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

Bob Sprinkel
Assistant county administrator
Liberty County Board of Commissioners
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