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City vote on rezoning was correctly recorded
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Editor, The Coastal Courier published a “letter to the editor” by Mr. Leon D. Stearns of Hinesville in the Oct. 13 edition. After reading, “City council needs to straighten out votes,” I want to write a letter stating the facts. More importantly, I want to educate readers about the council vote and how to get accurate information about council meetings.
On Oct. 7, agenda item 5-1-0 rezoning petition #2010-028-H was brought before the council for a vote. Councilmember Floyd made a motion to approve rezoning petition #2010-028-H and Councilmember Jenkins seconded the motion. Those in favor were Councilmembers Floyd, Jenkins and Anderson. I, Hinesville District 3 Councilmember David Anderson, voted for the motion to rezone a parcel of land on South Main Street. My seat is between Councilmember Floyd and Assistant City Manager Ken Howard. They both saw what happened.
Mr. Stearns wrote that I, Mr. Anderson, raised my hand opposing the motion. That is not true. Mayor Thomas is correct. Councilmembers Frasier and Shaw were the only two councilmembers to oppose.
When a citizen has a concern about council decisions or what is taking place at meetings, all of this information is available to the public so they can get facts. Official meeting minutes are not approved until the council meeting after the meeting for which the minutes were recorded; however, a person who wants to know actions taken on agenda items can submit an open records request to the city clerk. This request will be fulfilled in three business days and the agenda given to them shows actions taken. Approved minutes are available the Friday after the meeting it was approved. For example, approved minutes from the Oct. 7 meeting will be available at the city clerk’s office Oct. 22 if approved by council next Thursday and online at by Oct. 29.
As a councilmember, I also encourage the citizens to contact me for any questions or concerns they may have. My e-mail is This is our city and in order for information to be shared, we must communicate directly and effectively.
So to the citizens of Hinesville, I ask you to please take the time to become more involved with meetings and events held in our community so you can get firsthand accounts of what’s taking place in Hinesville. If you aren’t able to attend, contact your councilmember or visit us online to learn more about Hinesville — tour home for a day or a lifetime.

— Dave Anderson
Hinesville District 3

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