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Clinton lacks winning touch
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Editor, People don't understand the widespread seething hatred for Hillary Clinton.
Why this virulent, irrational hatred for the Democratic presidential candidate? Who are the Hillary-haters — who were the Bill Clinton-haters for eight years  — one and the same.
Tens of millions of religious and social conservatives, GOP’s core supporters.
It defies reason how men and women of faith and intelligence can spew out such venom and vitriol.
 I care for Hillary Clinton and if she is the Democratic candidate next November, I will vote for her because she is far better than any of the Republican presidential contenders ... but Hillary doesn’t stand a snowballs’ chance in hell of winning the presidency because of the above obstacle and historically high negative ratings, disapproval ratings.
Electability is the key ingredient to winning the next presidential contest and Hillary Clinton is sadly lacking the winning touch.
Rob Lowe
Grass Valley, CA
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