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Columnist angers reader
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Editor, I would like the opportunity to respond to the column appearing in the Dec. 18 edition of the Coastal Courier. It’s entitled “Is a modern day tea party needed” written by Jodie Evans.
This article is the kind of anti-American, pro-terrorist indoctrination we get when an irresponsible liberal newspaper provides an orange crate to hate vomiting, unpatriotic, “America is Evil,” Al Qaeda-loving and sympathizing liberals. Our children are subject to this type of “not-so-subtle” agenda, and brainwashing by the same hate filled, anti-American traitors masquerading as teachers in our public schools, and institutions of higher learning. I agree with only one thing that was printed in this article, and that’s the title! By the way, Code Pink stinks!
There certainly should be a modern day tea party. It should be held by American, God-loving, red-blooded Hinesville citizens right in front of the Coastal Courier office on Main Street.
There is no excuse for a newspaper in a town that depends heavily upon the military as a source of revenue to print such garbage as what appears in this unpatriotic article. Talking about biting the hand that feeds you. This is a prime example of it. Shame on you Coastal Courier!
During World War II such anti-American, unpatriotic speech was condemned, and those that engaged in it were arrested. Look here, we are at war with a bunch of Christian hating fruitcake Nazi fanatics that you may want to cuddle up with. If you agree with the article, join Al Qaeda, and wear a freakin’ burka, if you want to behead and kill our soldiers, husbands, wives, children and grandchildren. They’d be doing it right here on Main Street in Hinesville  if the American 3rd ID hadn’t stopped them in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Were you libs smoking pot, injecting illegal substances and your brains dripping from your nostrils when the 9/11 wake-up call was made?
There is no factual basis for this article to have appeared. The writer does not represent the will or the majority of the people in our country. It’s nothing more than Al Qaeda sympathizing, left-wing liberal propaganda.

John P. Howard

Editor’s note: The opinions expressed by the columnists are theirs and not necessarily that of the Coastal Courier. Readers and columnists are always welcome to express their opinions on a variety of subjects. Our troops fight for freedom, including the freedom of expression.
How uninteresting it would be if all of our contributors wrote from only one viewpoint.

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