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County kills too many stray animals.
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Editor, The current law for Liberty County Animal Control in Hinesville, Georgia, calls for euthanasia of cats every Tuesday morning, and euthanasia of dogs every Thursday morning. Dogs that come into the facility without a collar, have only 5 days before they are euthanized. I have not seen the facility at full capacity since I have been rescuing out of it, which has been over the past 9 months. It makes no sense to euthanize healthy, young animals when space is available. I would like to at least see the current law changed from euthanizing every week, to euthanizing due to lack of space. If space becomes an issue, the vicious and/or sick animals should be euthanized first, to give healthy, adoptable animals a greater chance to be placed. As it stands right now, I have only FOUR days each week to find homes for the animals on death row at Liberty County Animal Control. Changing the law would give me more time to find potential adopters, and give more animals a second chance at life.
 I already spoke with our Assistant County Administrator, who is very aware of the fact that the euthanasia rate has gone to almost zero since I have been rescuing out of LCAC.  I asked why this policy can't be changed to give me more time, and to prevent me from burning out completely - I do have a full-time paying job in Savannah, too, as well as a son in Iraq - but he basically "blew me off," and tried to pacify me with false hope for a new, state-of-the-art facility.  It makes me very angry!  I do not get paid for this work.  I do it out of my own free will, for the love of the animals who are really ALL of OUR responsibility, because they did not ask to be brought into this world, and to be neglected, mistreated, and finally abandoned.  The least I could expect is that the county officials work with me when I have volunteered to do a job nobody else has offered to do or wants to be bothered with.  It does not cost the county a penny to keep the animals longer.  In fact, they would SAVE money on the shots they would not have to give each week.  It makes NO SENSE at all to euthanize on a schedule.
I currently have an online petition going, which already has over 700 signatures, and is steadily getting more attention.  I only started it yesterday morning!!!  Here is the link in case you are interested to read what people from all over the country have to say:
Please let me know what we can do.  I think it's time to "rock the boat" on this matter.
Petra Brooks
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