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County should not put marina on coast
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Editor, As a resident and Liberty County taxpayer, I am concerned by the commissioners' apparent efforts to purchase property on Cattle Hammock, at the eastern end of the county, for the construction of a public dock and possible marina.
My foremost concern is the expenditure of a minimum of $1.5 million to purchase the land in order to build a marina when there are already two privately owned (open to the public), taxpaying marinas in the same area and a public dock/ramp just down the road in Sunbury. These funds should be used to improve other critical emergency services, which are currently lacking, such as EMS and fire service. As experienced, it can take up to one hour for EMS to respond to a 911 call in our area.
Of additional concern is the commissions' unwillingness to discuss the matter in any detail with the Citizen's Advisory Committee during the commissioners meeting held on March 4. Surely those living in this area deserve to be heard on an issue that could significantly impact their neighborhood. Shouldn't the taxpayers of Liberty County be able to offer feedback on such expenditures? Should the commission not look at other land that they already own for potential sites? Was this site chosen to pander to a particular developer who has a development in the area?
During the March 4 meeting the citizens of Liberty County were informed that the commission would address our concerns. The question is: When and in what forum? Do the commissioners plan to discuss it after the deal is done or do they plan to take action in advance to address the concerns of those who elected them?
In the meantime concerned citizens wait to see if our tax dollars are put to the best use. Should these funds go to an unneeded marina, perhaps EMS should start responding to coastal emergencies by boat.

Shannon Carter
Colonel's Island
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