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Driving laws designed just to create jobs
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Editor, They have made parents responsible for the driving activities of our children and created jobs for more state certified employees.
When the state of Georgia changed the requirements for teen driver's licenses last year, I ignored the problem because my daughter had already taken the permit test and I did not think the new standards applied to her.
No grandfather clause in this state is there?
We sent our daughter to a driving school at the last minute, after her first year of driving on a permit because if she does not attend a class she cannot receive her license without it until she reaches the age of 17. My child informed me that I needed to fill out a workbook and driving log as a parent trainer if I would not pay the $200 for a state certified driving instructor. The total cost of the state requirement is $99 for the class and an additional $200 for behind-the-wheel. Or the parent can fulfill the requirement and there is a driver's log of hours both night and day requirements plus 11 pages of driving requirement questions composed of 40 sections of state recommended guidelines to train our children with. The booklet and driving log then need to be notarized to make the trainer responsible for the training.
I am now responsible for anything my child might do behind he wheel.
My next child will wait until she is 17 and I don't have to fulfill these state requirements. The state is creating jobs for driver's education. The state is charging parents money to enforce compliance and responsibility. Notarization of the driver's log does not make us feel more secure. It just proves that we cannot be trusted. Let the hammer of government anoint us.
I lied on the forms. I did not read any more of it than required to fill it out. I just filled out the required response to all 11 pages and we consulted a calendar and wrote out the driving log with estimated dates.
I grew up in another state. Driver's education was a requirement for all 16-year-olds. That has changed back home, too. They are no better. The states make parents pay for driver's education or our children can't drive until they are 17 without it.
This driving book for parents to fill out is too much. This is America. Just let us write a check and call it done without creating jobs for state certified trainers. Nobody offered me the opportunity to screw Georgia parents out of their savings with a driving school. Our legislature set up their kinfolk to rob us and provide a workbook to scare us into paying for it. I don't need notarization. Georgia doesn't need to question my abilities.
I'm unhappy. The new requirements are an insult that need only be matched by another. My total lack of integrity is a fair trade for that shown by the government.

Patrick Huerd
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