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Former resident would vote for Sikes
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Editor, This letter is to the citizens of Liberty County:
My name is J.J. Jones and I am a former resident of Liberty County. Most of you may remember me as a former deputy sheriff and an Olympic boxer who lost to Evander Holyfield.
I am asking all Liberty County residents to vote for Steve Sikes for sheriff. There is not a better person for the job. It is both and honor and a privilege to know that Steve Sikes can and will be the next sheriff of Liberty County. Although I cannot vote in Liberty County, Liberty County has been and will always be home to me. I have met so many people in Liberty County, both black and white, that I remain close friends with today and the Sikes family is one of them. I have known Steve Sikes for over 30 years and I truly believe that he is a man who is led by God to seek the position of sheriff for Liberty County. Steve is a great family man who will not compromise or wavier his position for anything or anybody. He will see that all Liberty County residents receive fair and equal treatment. Steve will maintain an open door policy and I can guarantee that if you call him at three in the morning, he will answer.
Steve is a man of impeccable integrity, faith and he will work hard for the good of Liberty County. Liberty County must continue to move forward in the right direction. We all must work together (black and white) to make Liberty County a great and safe place to live and raise our children.
I challenge all Liberty County residents to search your hearts, look deep inside yourself and you will see that Steve Sikes is the man that will protect and serve the residents of Liberty County. We need your help.
Vote Steve Sikes for sheriff!

James “JJ” Jones
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