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Keep family matters, complaints private
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Editor, I am, quite frankly, embarrassed that my district’s county commissioner wrote a letter to the editor (published in the April 7 Courier), publicizing his family’s misconduct and making degrading comments about people who are performing their jobs well. When you hold a public position, you are held to a higher standard by your constituents and you should keep your family business and degrading comments about public service workers a private matter.   
I have the honor of working with various officers and specialized units within the Hinesville Police Department. Not only are they co-workers; they are my friends and I take great offense to the way you criticized them and the way you portrayed yourself to the public.
The Crime Suppression Unit was formed in 1986 due to the increase of drug and gang activity. This unit is an asset to this community and has had quite an impact on ridding the City of both.
Their uniforms are utility pants, polo shirts (with name tags) that are worn over protective vests and combat boots. The protective vests are very hot, heavy and uncomfortable. The uniforms are professional and functional. Although there were only four officers during the time of this particular incident, the CSU consists of six members. Four officers on scene was merely a safety precaution.
You referred to a point that two of the officers were on their hands and knees looking under the vehicle. At that point, they were virtually rendered helpless, therefore, as a safety measure (not overkill), the two officers standing would “cover” them.
My son too ran a stop sign (his first day of driving alone) and was pulled over by HPD. Your son broke the law by failing to stop at a stop sign. In fact, that seems to be something that he has a problem with and has been cited for on four different occasions, along with several other violations. This was not a minor incident because he is a repeat offender, thus warranting the attention. By the way, videos don’t lie.
Your letter stated that you don’t know what warranted the K-9 unit. You should have asked the officers rather than trying to cause hoopla by putting a letter in the paper. The canines are well-trained as are their handlers and have already made quite an impact on drug crimes.
The dog you referred to is “Zorz” — a far cry from “ol’ Yeller.” For your information, a hit is a positive response of the K9 to the odor of narcotics, not the presence.
Gathering from what you stated in your letter, your son is a minor who had an open bottle of alcohol in the vehicle. The type and quantity of the alcohol is irrelevant. An open container is illegal!
I can attest to the attempts to flee and allude as of late. HPD has answered calls regarding numerous gas drive-offs, to bailing and fleeing when being stopped for different reasons.
If you actually “respect the powers that be at HPD,” you would not have written that absurd letter to try to make a mockery of Hinesville and HPD; you would have handled it like a professional who has been, and I quote, “a taxpayer, a contract city employee of 27 years, an elected official and a lifelong resident of a city that I love and support” by going to them and talking with them privately about the incident.
When you need “Officer protect and serve” to assist you in an emergency situation, you will be glad to have him there. I’m sure that you won’t complain about him if a crime is committed against you or yours and he is there on your behalf. And he will be (even though you called him a liar) because he is a professional and that’s what he does.
In this day and time, we need our officers to be more aggressive toward enforcing crime because the criminals are getting more aggressive. Frankly, I’m glad to know they have my back! (Rest assured, they will have yours too.)  
You have taken things a bit too far and have acted unprofessionally. We don’t even have a speed limit of 54 in Hinesville; that analogy was farfetched.
You are a contracted city employee who holds an elected county office, yet I have seen you show up at various locations in the city (even before you were officially in office) because a friend or family member would call you for a “favor.”
Your constituents, Mr. Commissioner, are in the county. The city council runs the city.  Prior to the election you represented yourself as a county commissioner to the CSU. Can you say, “Abuse of office?”
The Hinesville Police Department holds a Citizens’ Police Academy, which starts in March annually, to educate the public in all areas of the police department to include their policies and procedures. It is free to the citizens of Hinesville and I highly recommend this class to you and anyone else who doesn’t understand what police officers deal with on a daily basis.
I have known you and your family for many years and have always thought well of you all, but I don’t care for the reaction that you have toward someone who is doing their job.
You, Mr. Commissioner, were totally out of line. Put yourself in the officers’ position. My question to you is this: Just how are you going to “take care of the ticket?”

— Maureen M. Mobley

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