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Midway PD also protects
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Editor, Wonder if I might add another three cents to the discussion about the Midway Police Department.
Not living within, but traveling through the city limits on a regular basis, I don’t know if the folks I see stopped by the Midway Police Department have broken any laws or are just being stopped for warnings.
I do know this. I observed a Midway police officer pull into the path of a vehicle at the exit 76 off-ramp. This vehicle was being pursued by two police cruisers from the south. Immediately upon stopping the vehicle, the Midway officer exited the vehicle and assisted with the apprehension of the driver who was put in the “down on the ground” position.
Moments later, several Liberty County and state patrol units arrived to assist. It was a “COPS” moment right before my eyes.
Was this a hardened criminal, or perhaps a drunken driver who was putting all in jeopardy?
I didn’t stop to inquire. But I would like to use this forum to tell that officer, and in fact the entire department, thank you for putting your safety and well being on the line, not only that day but every day, to serve and protect us.
Bruce A. McCartney
Trade Hill Community
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