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Revisiting downtown haunted house
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Editor, I am writing in reference to the article that columnist Margie Love wrote and was published in the Coastal Courier on Sunday.
I am proud to say I am the oldest great-grandchild of J. Ernest and Susie Groover. I was born in October of 1955, so this in the only house I remember that my great-grandparents lived in.
During the years of 1955-1976, I spent a lot of time visiting or getting to stay with my great-grandparents during the day. I don’t believe I ever stayed the night in that house. I could have, but I don’t remember it. I played in every room of that house, including the upstairs.
When I was a young child, the rooms upstairs were rented out to boarders (as my great-grandfather called them). So we were not allowed up there unless, like many times, we got to know the boarders.
As we grew older, we did not go up the stairs as much for some reason — we too go the feeling it was strange at times. Of course, Uncle Robert, who wrote “Sweet Land of Liberty” told us many tales about ghosts and so forth. So that spooked us.
I had been told about the story Mrs. Love told, but I’ve never seen this gentleman appear. And I have ridden by many nights in hopes that I could. Maybe he knows me by now. HA! I do know my great-grandfather died in that house. But he was a very kind man and would never hurt anyone.
But I have been told by close relatives that it was known in the family that someone was still hanging around the house in the ghost form. We don’t know who it is. I would love to know that myself. I have been spooked and scared to go into the house by myself or late at night, as I have done many time in the past.
I have not been back into the house for many years and have been asked many times — although I do not know — about things that happened in the house since my family has not lived there.
It’s just interesting to know the legends and thoughts live on with this home that is still very near and dear to all of us in the Groover family.
I thank Margie Love for sharing this story with the rest of Liberty County, and carrying on the legend of this since many people have moved to the area since my great-grandparents have passed away.

Carla Goodwin
Liberty County
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