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Wishful thinking from Atlanta
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Editor, While reading the 'Legislative Update' by Rep. Al Williams in Sunday's edition, one of my granddaughter's bedtime rituals kept echoing through my head:  "Star Light Star Bright, First Star I see Tonite, I wish I may...".
It sounds too good to be true Al, "...a win-win scenario under which our schools receive relief from the state's unfunded mandates, and property owners receive true tax relief..."
Undoubtedly you must have been addressing some other county you represent because the last time we in Liberty saw true tax relief, the cows came home....and we ain't had steak in a long, long time.
The celestial twinkling of your wish must have instead been the street lamp glare of urban Atlanta.
"...I wish I might, Have the wish I wish Tonite."
Bruce A McCartney
Trade Hill Community
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