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Don't let Satan fool you
Pastor's corner
pastor corner

What a relief the weather has been in the early part of this week! I walked nine holes of golf late one afternoon and was not the least bit wearied. Waking up to temperatures in the 60s made it feel like fall was here.

But then I looked at the calendar again. Aug. 1. It may feel like fall this morning as I write these words. But don’t be fooled. Summer is not over in South Georgia. If you put away your shorts and T-shirts and pull out sweaters and corduroys you are going to be miserable at some point in the near future.

Yeah. There’s still much hot weather to come.

It is amazing how easily we can be fooled by circumstances. And it is just that tactic that Satan often uses to lure us away from doing what God has called us to do. I am aware that there are those who are not convinced that Satan even exists. I obviously disagree. He is there, and it is his hope to trip you up and lead you astray.

Again, he often does so by seeking to fool us. To Eve he asked, "Did God really say that?" He placed doubt in her mind. She probably thought, "Well, that’s what I thought He said. I think that’s what he said. Maybe he didn’t say that." And she was on her way going the wrong direction.

Satan makes sin look good. He makes wrongdoing look right. He places doubt in our minds. He makes us think that this path will actually lead us to happiness and contentment.

But here is the truth. There is only one path to peace, joy, happiness and contentment. That is to follow Jesus and obey him.

"Do your own thing," is the mantra of our culture. But so many who are doing their own thing, trying to find themselves, and looking out for number one are in fact miserable and frustrated. They are seeking happiness, but looking where it cannot be found.

Don’t be fooled by one or two cool mornings. Summer is far from over. And don’t be fooled by Satan’s temptations. Your path to happiness and tranquility is to follow Jesus wherever he leads.

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