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Its time to show dad you care
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Society tends to hold mothers in high regard, but fathers — and the important roles they play — sometimes are overlooked. Dads are special too, and they deserve to be honored and recognized, which is why we have Father’s Day.

More than 100 years ago, in 1910, Father’s Day first was celebrated in Spokane, Wash. Today, we still reserve a single day to pay tribute to the guys who help run families, care for children and work hard. They usually don’t ask for much — just love and respect.

In his book, "7 Things He’ll Never Tell You … but you need to know," psychologist and radio/television personality Dr. Kevin Leman identifies the top three things a man wants: to be respected (honored), to be needed and to be fulfilled. So today, let’s strive to honor our dads, show them that they are needed and help them feel fulfilled.

When we think of our fathers, we may be reminded of the people we ran to for answers when we were children — the parent we could count on to say, "yes," even when mom said, "no." Dads help to provide for their families. Even after rough days at work, many of them come home and are quick to offer their children smiles and hugs.

Fathers can shape our lives in many ways. Sometimes they stay in the background while moms take center stage. They may not say much, but they are there when their families need them.

God made fathers different from mothers. He knew what families would need, so He created man to be a father and woman to be a mother. They were designed to be our heroes.

Every child longs to have a father he or she can look up to, share life experiences with and rely on. Those who have lost their fathers or, perhaps, never knew their fathers should not think they are fatherless. David, the psalmist, comforts us in Psalm 68:5 with these inspiring words about our heavenly Father: "A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling."

God also has placed spiritual fathers in our lives. Learn from them; tap into their wisdom and experience; honor and respect them. They have been put in our lives for times like this.

As we celebrate the 101st anniversary of Father’s Day, don’t forget to do something special for your father and spiritual fathers. Show them how much you appreciate them for the many blessings they have brought to your life.

Dads don’t expect you to spend a lot of money on gifts for them. It is the thought that counts. Some good gift ideas include flowers, edible fruit arrangements, clothes, framed photos of dads with their families, movie tickets, a dinner party in dad’s honor, books by his favorite authors, a mini-vacation, golf clubs or a round of golf and technological devices such as a GPS, Blackberry or iPad.

As you celebrate today, remember that, more than anything, fathers just want love and respect.

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