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That's what's up
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“That’s what’s up!” is a very popular saying among youth and some “hip” older people. This saying usually is associated with a minor or major accomplishment by a friend, such as, “Wow, your new car is nice. That’s what’s up!” It also applies when you hear about something that’s going to benefit you, such as, “You’re telling me I can get a Big Mac for $1. Now that’s what’s up!”
It’s always nice to receive increase in our lives, but the blessings we receive do have a source and that source is Christ Jesus.
The Bible tells us in James 1:17, “Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above.” While we love to take credit for what God is doing in our lives, to understand Him as the creator we must know that everything comes from Him. Jobs, homes and cars are all the result of a faithful God. Though we may never fully understand why He does what He does, we do know that He allows His sun to shine on evil and good. He sends His rain on the just and the unjust, according to Matthew 5:45.
Many of us strive our whole lives to move up in the world. We try to put together the right combination of education, experience, networking and hard work to move to another level. But in Psalms 75:6-7, we learn that all promotions come from the Lord. That is not to say that we should stop what we’re doing, but we need to understand what’s really going on.
So, what’s really up? For us to have a relationship with God, that’s what’s up. For us to use the gifts and talents God has given us for His business, that’s what’s up. For us to be committed to the leadership and ministry in which God has placed us, that’s what’s up. When we begin to seek first the kingdom, it opens up doors that no man will be able to close. So, if you ever hear the phrase, “That’s what’s up!” let it be a reminder that Jesus is what’s up!

Hayes is the pastor of New Day Outreach Ministry and a member of The United Ministerial Alliance.
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