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4 delicious tricks to get the most out of Halloween treats
Let's face it. Halloween is all about the treats. But when you find yourself mindlessly unwrapping your third fun-sized Snickers, it's time to bump it up a notch. Here are four ideas to get the most out of your favorite treats. - photo by J'Nel Wright
Is there such a thing as too much Halloween candy? Most don't think so. But when you see signs of disinterest emerging for the massive pile of treats, it's time to boost up the flavor with a few little tricks. Here are four to try.

1. Turn the sweets into something deliciously salty.

By adding M&Ms and candy corn to a collection of pretzels, peanuts, cereal or other salty snacks, your trick-or-treat goodies can take on a more mature image. Here is a recipe from Wishes and Dishes for Sweet and Salty Halloween Chex Mix that adds melted white chocolate chips to bring all of the ingredients together.

2. Melt it down.

If you think eating a candy bar is a little piece of heaven, just try one melted and poured over ice cream. By adding cream and cooking over medium heat, like in this recipe from, you will end up with a rich and delicious addition to any ice cream treat.

3. Or add to homemade ice cream.

An everyday vanilla ice cream can become something extraordinary by adding candy bits of your favorite treats, such as in this recipe from Serious Eats.

4. Gummy Bear Cookies.

Yes, gummy bears. With a sweet base of shortbread, gummy bears add an unexpected blast of flavor that is hard to resist (see the recipe at The Baking Robot). Don't fight it just enjoy.

Your little ghouls worked hard collecting that candy. Don't let it go to waste. With a little ingenuity from your bag of tricks, your Halloween treasures can become an extra special treat for the entire family.
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