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Junteenth Parade Celebration: Q&A with local educator Jack Graves, Sr.
submitted Graves mug
Jack Graves Sr. - photo by Photo provided.

Q. How did you first hear about Liberty County’s first Juneteenth parade?

A: “I heard about it here right on Facebook. I was excited because it is part of the black heritage and I wanted to see it. I know there is always something to learn and there are avenues all over Liberty County.”

Q: What are your thoughts on the holiday?

A: “I am totally familiar about this because of a professor I had back in 1994. She was at Armstrong and she taught me far more than just the teaching of reading. She heard me talking about my experiences in Germany and with the Germans, and she told me bluntly that I knew all of that about the Germans and not near enough about my own neighbors. So, I took it as a challenge to really get smart and know more. I have been learning more everyday since then. I am 62 years old and could not do anything back in the ’60s and ’70s when all the really bad stuff was happening. But I’m in a really nice position to learn a whole lot now.”

Q: Why are you attending or considering attending?
A: “To me, this is a part of that learning process.”

Q: What are you hoping to come out of this event for yourself and the community?
A: “I hope the recognition continues. And I hope people will understand that African American history is 365 days a year.”

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