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13 reasons to go sober this year
Have you reached a point in your alcohol or drug use that has made you seriously consider getting sober this year? Addiction can be a tough battle to overcome, but it is well worth the effort. - photo by Amy Rothermel
Have you reached a point in your alcohol or drug use that has made you seriously consider getting sober this year? Addiction can be a tough battle to overcome, but it is well worth the effort. Here are 13 reasons why this year is the best time to get sober:

1. No more hangovers

That party on Friday night is always overshadowed by the nasty hangover on Saturday morning. Giving up your addiction means that you will happily wake up in the morning without feeling like your head is going to explode.

2. Improved health

Drugs and alcohol fill your body with harmful toxins that pollute your organs and cause major health problems. You will feel healthier, and look healthier, when you overcome the addiction.

3. Higher energy levels

As your health improves, you will notice that your energy levels increase as well. You will get more sleep at night, and feel more alert during the day. No more brain-fog and mid-afternoon energy crashes -- and you will be more productive throughout the day.

4. Better control of your thoughts

Having an addiction often drives a persons thoughts to focus on when happy hour starts, or where the next fix will come from. Instead of shaping your life around the need to feed the addiction, you can take control of your thoughts.

5. Rebuild self-esteem

Addiction can chip away at a persons self-esteem, especially when they notice that they have a hard time following through with commitments. A higher, more positive self-esteem will be restored when addictive behaviors are overcome.

6. Save money

Addictions are expensive! It can be a shocker to wake up in the morning and look at a receipt for several hundred dollars' worth of drinks. Try using the money that would normally have been spent on drugs or alcohol, and put it in a savings account instead.

7. Smarter decision making

Staying sober means you no longer have to listen to your friends tell stories about the embarrassing things that you did the last time you went out. When your head is clear, you will make better decisions and keep yourself out of embarrassing situations.

8. Lead a more productive lifestyle

Getting sober brings clarity and understanding to help you improve your daily habits and increase your productivity. You will be able to truly relax during your downtime, and you will be much more effective during work time.

9. Develop mental strength

Keeping the commitment to overcome an addiction creates a mental toughness that will spill over into other areas of your life. You will learn that anything is possible when you put your mind to it, and you will have more motivation to set and achieve positive goals.

10. Better memories

If you are constantly viewing the world through beer-goggles, it is amazing to see how much clarity can be gained by taking off those goggles and seeing the world as it is. Sobriety means that you will experience crystal clear memories and remember the people you spent time with and the conversations you had.

11. Stronger relationships

Friends and extended family will enjoy spending time with you when you arent under the influence. Always spending time with people who are stuck in the same addictive patterns can cause you to be stuck in low-quality relationships.

12. Be a better parent/spouse

Do you feel guilty about neglecting your spouse or children while stuck in addictive patterns? Sobriety allows you to improve your interactions with the people that you love, especially your spouse and your children.

13. Gain respect from others

When you are open and honest about your sobriety, it often generates a higher level of respect from others. People love to hear success stories, and you can motivate others to reach greater levels of success in their own lives.
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