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Blood drive draws life-saving crowd
Amanda Wilson watches as John Berry with the American Red Cross cleans her arm with an antiseptic solution before drawing blood. About 40 donors gave blood at The Heritage Bank's drive Wednesday. - photo by Photo by Alena Parker.
One pint at a time, Liberty County residents may have saved more than 100 lives Wednesday.
According to the Red Cross’ Web site, a single blood donation can help save the lives of up to three people and the Heritage Bank hosted a blood drive Wednesday that drew more than 40 people who each donated a pint of blood.  
“Our goal for the drive was 25 pints, 25 good donors,” said marketing director John Crowley.
Ryan Althouse, 18, gave blood for the third time in his life and this time he brought his friend, Denise Bartlett, 17, a first-time donor.
“It doesn’t hurt and it makes you feel good knowing you helped someone else,” Althouse said.
By 2:45 p.m., 15 minutes before the drive closed, people were still trickling in.  
Rick Hill, ACS on-site supervisor, said the collected blood will be sent to Atlanta for testing, then to needy patients.
“Usually it comes back to the area, but they’ll send it back to the hospital that needs it the most, that takes priority over everything,” Hill said.
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