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Coastal Electric helps to save lives
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Peter Neufell and Amy King enjoy a slice of cake after donating blood at Coastal Electric Cooperative's Blood drive held from 2-7 p.m. on Thursday. - photo by By Patty Leon / Coastal Courier


Watch the fire chief donate blood

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The employees of Coastal Electric Cooperative off Highway 17 in Midway were more than happy to roll up their sleeves Thursday as the company sponsored an American Red Cross Blood Drive from 2-7 p.m.
"Today was all about giving blood," Kim Sachau, an accountant and blood drive organizer, said. "We do this annually. The employees want to help and they get some time off from work while donating blood. We brought in some cakes and really good snacks for them to enjoy after donating as well."
Sachau, who said more than half of all the employees in the building donated blood, spent several hours on the phone and sending out e-mails to encourage community residents to donate as well.
"We are from Hinesville and Kim told us about the blood drive and we normally give when we can," donor Peter Neufell said. "We recently moved to the area and when Kim told us about it we said we would come and donate and get some of her delicious cake."
Neufell's companion, Amy King, said Sachau offered them plenty of reminders as the event neared.
"I was more than happy to donate," she said. "I usually donate whenever I can.
Karen Pesa, a representative from the Savannah chapter of the American Red Cross Blood Services, said now is a very critical time as far as blood donations. As the community gears up for the upcoming hurricane season, Pesa explained, blood is always needed. It's important the stock is sufficient for everyday emergencies as well as crises.
"Whole blood can only be stored and must be used within 42 days and platelets only last for 5 days and a lot of cancer patients and burn victims need that," she said. "This is the time when the supply gets low and it's time for folks to come out and roll those sleeves up. Folks can donate platelets at our office in savannah. We need all types, A, B, AB and of course the universal donors, O-positive."
Riceboro Volunteer Fire Department Chief Earl McGinley donated Thursday, saying it was the least he could to support local hospitals and pay tribute to soldiers who sometimes die in the line of duty while fighting for our country's freedom.
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