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EMS recognizes employees with cookout
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Liberty Regional Medical Services employees pose next to one of their ambulances. - photo by Photo by Katelyn Umholtz

In celebration of National EMS Week, the Liberty Regional Emergency Medical Services held a lunch cookout for its employees May 23.
The EMS employees sat outside while enjoying burgers fresh off the grill, along with chips and beverages.
Liberty Regional EMS has a fleet of eight units along with four stations throughout Liberty and Long counties.
They all run 24 hours a day, seven days a week, making it a stressful job for employees. For that reason, Liberty Regional EMS Supervisor Darren Eubanks said it’s important for employees to get opportunities to relax and have some fun at work.
“We do it to say ‘thank you’ to the guys because it’s taxing on a person to do this job 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and seeing the things that we see, yet still go home and live a normal life. EMS Week is just one of those ways to say ‘thank you,’ and we appreciate the dedication you show to the community,” Eubanks said.
Commissioner Marion Stevens of District 1 made an appearance at the cookout. He once was a first responder, so he understands the stress of the job and helps out the unit however he can.
Liberty Regional EMS has been called one of the most progressive ambulance services in the state, and to keep that title, Stevens said the 1-cent sales tax must stay in the community; that money goes toward the ambulances.
“We want the taxpayers to know that this is part of their 1-cent sales tax, and we hope that we can continue to keep that tax in motion,” Stevens said. “It’s coming up for another vote in November, so we hope everybody will support it so that we can continue to purchase units like this one and to improve the quality of life for everyone in Liberty County.”
This cookout was not the only way the staff celebrated National EMS Week, however.
Throughout the week, the staff celebrated with ice cream, free T-shirts and hats from Air EVAC and six dozen Gigi’s cupcakes from Life Star.
Liberty Regional EMS Director Robyn Todd said that the 64 full-time and part-time employees have all worked hard and deserved to be recognized this week.
To end the employees’ recognition week, Todd asked that the community stay safe over the weekend.
“It’s summer, school’s out, and we usually see traffic fatalities and/or water related accidents,” Todd said. “So the best way to for the community to recognize EMS Week would be for everyone to have a safe weekend.”

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