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Mural represents citys first public art
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Public art used to be monuments and statues. This form of community expression has evolved to encompass architecture, sidewalk chalk-art festivals, ornate lighting, murals and more.

This art usually is community generated and is used to do more than honor fallen leaders. Besides increasing community involvement, public art attracts visitors, showcases the cultural and historical aspects of an area, and improves the cityscape.

In honor of the city of Hinesville’s 175th year of service, the city will receive something new. As a birthday present, the Hinesville Area Arts Council will give the city its first piece of public art: a mural depicting life in Liberty County.

Murals have been present throughout history. However, they seem to be making a comeback with quality murals showing up around the globe. Philadelphia is considered the mural capital of the world because it has more than 3,000 on display within city limits.
Colquitt is Georgia’s first mural city and hosted the 2010 Global Mural Conference. This conference also has been hosted by places most people only dream of visiting, such as cities in Scotland, Australia and New Zealand.

Liberty County’s mural will be downtown on the side of the former Manna House building, which is being remodeled for the Liberty County Historical Society. The space is at the intersection of Commerce and Court streets.

As the arts become more prevalent in mainstream society, Liberty County residents should expect to see more exciting opportunities come their way. Although painting of the mural almost is complete, interested painters can contact the HAAC to participate.

The mural will be revealed at 11:30 a.m. Wednesday, Sept. 12. Afterward, the public is invited to attend a birthday party for the city at city hall. The event will include refreshments, cake and giveaways.

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