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Prayer Day calls for help in community
Pic 1 All heads were bowed during Long County Prayer Day
Participants in the Long County Prayer Day bow their heads in prayer. - photo by Photo by Mike Riddle

The second annual Ludowici/Long County Prayer Day was Sept. 13 in the Long County Recreation Park.  
Organizer Jimmy Howard welcomed about 75 people to the event and introduced Kenny Long, who prayed the invocation.
“As a community, Lord, we seek your guidance and ask you to give us the spirit of revival,” Long said.
Howard then introduced the Rev. Herman Scott of Baconton Missionary Baptist Church; the Rev. John Gladin of South Main Baptist Church; Kerry Hunt, a deacon at First Baptist Church of Ludowici; and the Rev. Brian Smith of Calvary Baptist Church.
Each leader prayed for different needs in the community.
Scott, who also is chaplain for the Long County Sheriff’s Office, prayed for local governments, asking that the leaders allow God to guide them in their decision-making for the city and county. He then prayed for the area’s first responders.
“I pray for the first responders; protect them and guide them as they take care of our safety,” Scott said.
Gladin, a retired teacher from the Long County School System, prayed for the schools and educators.  
“We are aware of the political correctness that has infiltrated our schools … we ask that those teachers who are Christians be testimonies to the Lord Jesus Christ and ask that they be given a special strengthening on their behalf,” Gladin said. “We also ask that the administrators always do the proper thing according to God’s word.”
Hunt prayed for Georgia and for Christians to act appropriately despite living in a sinful world.  
“Give us a boldness and a calm demeanor for when things don’t go right … we’re the only Bible many may ever see. Let us strive to be like our role model, Jesus Christ,” he said.
Smith then prayed for churches. He said there are too many divisions in churches, and that when these people are divided, it isn’t pleasing to God. He also said that churches of different denominations should focus more on what they have in common, rather than their differences.  
“We are one with you and one with another,” Smith said. “If we are truly washed in the blood of Jesus Christ … and we need to let people know that the only way to get to you, Lord, is through Jesus Christ.”
Howard then prayed for the United States, saying that the country has turned away from God, and that the only way God would continue to bless this nation is if the people turned to Jesus Christ and acknowledge that His Father, God, is the only god.  
“We are not worthy of you, Lord. You have blessed us in spite of us turning away from you … help our nation realize that they are going down the wrong road,” Howard said. “Help us do as you would have us do and heal our nation.”
In addition to the prayers, the Long County Community Choir sang special music, and members from Calvary Baptist Church gave out magnets and bookmarks. Music also was sung by those present, led by the Rev. John Holbrook of Rye Patch Baptist Church Pastor with Lizzie Smith on organ.
The Rev. James Evans of St. James Missionary Baptist Church was the event’s keynote speaker. Evans closed the night by saying that sin is in our nation, state, county, neighborhoods and families. He said that the only way to deal with this sin is by praying to Jesus Christ.  
“There is power in prayer. The Bible says we should pray without ceasing,” he said.

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