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Rotary reaching out to help family
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What is SIDS?

SIDS is the sudden, unexpected death of an apparently healthy infant that cannot be explained by an autopsy, death scene investigation or a  medical history review. SIDS continues to be the leading cause of infant death.

Facts about SIDS:

Each year 3,000-4,000 infants in the U.S. die of SIDS
Infants between 2and 4 months are the most frequent victims
Infants appear healthy; death is rapid and silent, usually occurring while the baby is sleeping

SIDS is not:

• Caused by suffocation, vomiting, or choking
• Contagious or hereditary
• A result of child abuse or neglect
• Predictable

Source:  Center for Infant and Child Loss
Hinesville residents Ceferino and Lonnie Gandia-Acosta and their family are having to cope with the death of their daughter during the holidays.
According to family friend Johnny Ryals, baby Ramona was only 4 months and 12 days when she was found dead in her crib, probably from sudden infant death syndrome.
“It’s really hard because it happened right there at Christmas time,” Ryals said.
The Hinesville Rotary Club is trying to lighten the load a little for the Gandia-Acostas. In an effort to help the family, club members have set up an account with The Heritage Bank so residents can donate.
Ryals said making things harder on the family, because of the recent economic slump, Lonnie recently lost her job at Jennifer’s Big Apple. The circumstances have left the family struggling to pay funeral and other associated costs.
“It’s a family that lost a child during a critical time of year. When everyone else is celebrating the birth of a child they are dealing with the loss of a child,” said Tony Leischen, Rotarian and family friend. “It’s a hardship most people can’t understand.”
Ches Merritt with Heritage said the account was opened on Christmas Eve and anyone can donate at any of the bank’s branches.
“Anybody can take the deposit,” Merritt said.
He said when making donations, residents should mention that the money is to go into the Hinesville Rotarians fund.
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