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Sound off for April 5

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Elect a clown, expect a circus.

Hinesville makes it easy to purchase homes but almost impossible to sell. Please tell active duty to only rent if stationed here. They will either take a loss or have to rent when stuck with a home. Have a home in $200,000 range and can’t get rid of it. Beware.

Somehow I thought when our superintendent resigned that the controversy on the school board would die down. That shows how much I know. The controversy seems to just keep getting deeper and deeper.

Lock him (Mike Flynn) up.

How sad it is that they spend so much time and effort trying to kill the local cat population. A clear example of small people should not be given authority over anything. What about Georgia law about mistreatment of animals? Why is it Hinesville protects squirrels, but not sweet cats that in some areas have existed for more then 10 years What is wrong with these yahoos?

Some of the newest most inexperienced principals in the system are earning the highest salaries and that is not right. Our BoE members must have favorites that they are choosing to give more money.

Is it not interesting that Trump has gone to the Winter White House five out of seven the weekends. Have to wonder if he is conducting Trump LLC business, especially since there is no press or schedules put out.

When Trump was running for president he said he had a health care plan that was great. What happened to that plan?

My daughter has been at LCHS for three years and it has gone from a great school to an awful, out of control environment. She has come home twice in the past week and told me about a teacher that is going to another school to teach. It seems like there is no control or discipline for students that are causing problems. I am seriously considering driving her to Richmond Hill every day.  

The BOE needs to check into the situation at Lyman Hall. It’s a mess over there, and nothing’s being done about it. Dr. Lee has completely ignored all the staff complaints and pleas for help, so maybe it’s time for the BoE to step in and see what’s going on there.  No one is happy except the principal.

What time is it? It’s impeachment time.

Now we have another Trump relative in the west wing. This time he is given the job to reorganize the federal government. Exactly what are his qualifications?

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