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Sound off for Aug. 1

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On July 27, within two blocks of the Hinesville Police Station, I sit with my thermometer out in the backyard in the sun. It only read 130 degrees in the sun.

I have a question. At the intersection of Highway 84 and Airport Road coming from Ludowici, there is not a left-turn signal where all the other lights in that intersection have left-turn signals. I was just wondering if there could be a left-turn signal on 84 turning left on Airport Road.

If we’re paying taxes to pay phone charges for people who have free phones so they can vote for people who support the free phones, you should look at who started the whole free-phone thing, which was the Republican Party and George Bush.

The Midway mayor again orders the police to shut down a temporary produce stand, which is ran by a little girl of 7 or 8 years. She’s obviously an armed and dangerous felon. Violation or not, couldn’t you simply stop and talk to the parents, who saw her sitting there?

This is disappointing that I’m new to the area, and I go to my son’s school’s website, and nothing is updated. Please ask Joseph Martin Elementary to update their website so that I can see all the information that I should be able to see.

This is to the individual shooting cats with BB guns in the Cypress Cove area. I am looking for you. I will find you. I advise turning yourself in to the police immediately.

I want to congratulate to Midway Police Officer Knox who captured three armed-robbery suspects last week. Good job!

Don’t blame the Midway Police for shutting down the kid’s vegetable stand last week. They always get the blame, but it was the mayor who gave the police department the direct order. Just remember, you elected her.

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