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Sound off for Aug. 12
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Here are some of hte issues that area residents are discussing.  The statements were phoned in anonymously, so the Courier does not vouch for their veracity, nor do we know what motivated the callers:

Well, in the national news there have been at least three pictures of Michelle Obama eating huge hamburgers and French fries. Now our city council wants to spend money to copy her to keep kids from being fat. So, Michelle, it’s OK for you to eat burgers and fries, but not American kids?

To the person who was talking about the fire with the 335 acres up on 196 and back in the wetlands: Why can’t this be cut out and be a city reservoir? It would not only furnish water for the city, but it would be a place for the city to have a park, fishing, sporting events and a place for kids.

To the person who said that Midway is safer because of the police: Midway has never been truly unsafe, except for the bank robberies and maybe the convenience store robberies.

Yes, in the referenced situation, police can go onto private property without a warrant. It’s the doctrine of hot pursuit. Although following a violator into their driveway isn’t the stereotypical hot pursuit, legal precedence still applies.

Jumping Jacks in Richmond Hill is a wonderful place for kids and adults. I wonder why Hinesville doesn’t have something similar to that. We have so many kids that if they had somewhere to go, it would be a lot better for them and the parents in the area.

Hinesville has so many buildings in this area that are empty, being torn down or are collecting dust. Why can’t we put something in there for the kids to have fun?

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