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Sound off for Aug. 15
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Here’s to the person that complains of rich and the Republicans because they’re not rich. Shame on you. You live in America and you have the chance and opportunity to make and improve yourself. That’s what America is about. Yay, yay for the rich. Good for them, they made it.

To the men at the sanitation department, your waves, shout-outs and presence during my early morning walk makes me feel so safe. To those of you that beep and toot your horn, I need you to know you are my motivators. To those of you with tinted windows, I cannot see you, but keep waving, I know you are rooting for me as well.

I’m just curious: If a woman walked around and showed her underwear, she’d probably be arrested for prostitution, but yet the males go around all day long showing their boxers. What’s up with that?

To the Republican switching to the Independent Party: You and Bernie Sanders will make a good pair. Please move your registration yesterday.

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