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Sound off for Aug. 2
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Reading in a recent paper about the need for the water park and the statements, Hinesville does not need a water park. We have enough to support now for non-producing projects, such as the transit system. The ordinances passed just to cover the people’s so-called behind that are on the council, it’s criminal to live in a city that’s deteriorating so quick, and it’s sad. Really sad.

I’ve got Comcast cable, Internet and phone service, and I pay an astronomical fee. I call them in when I have a problem, and they’re never able to help us. Maybe the city officials of Hinesville can help us do like Savannah did, since they won’t ever think to be like Savannah, and help us get some better rates and better service in Hinesville.

George Zimmerman, your day is coming. God don’t like ugliness.

I just wonder how many people would respond if someone was holding you down — 170 pounds, 6-foot-2 — and beating your head against the cement. Would you lay there and let that person beat you up when you couldn’t move? I don’t know, I wouldn’t. So maybe you need to look at that.

This is in response to the city passing the ordinance about the garbage containers that have to be put out at a certain time and be 4 feet off the road. Well then, they need to put them back 4 feet off the road once they empty the garbage and not leave them sitting out in the road. Let’s play both ways, OMI.

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