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Sound off for Dec. 11
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I would like to thank Becky Carter for speaking up for teachers. Some administrators are making this job unbearable. I would love to see them in the classroom trying to do my job with all the demands placed on us. Thanks again, Becky Carter.

Miss Carter and the board of education need to look into what’s going on around the country. Many schools, parents and teachers are refusing Common Core — what it’s teaching, how it’s teaching and dumbing down Americans. It’s teaching history wrong. It’s hard on the teachers. We don’t need it here just because the state had a bunch of money to do it. We’re being blackmailed to put something in that’s not good.
In regards to the Sound off for Dec. 6, where the individual talks about the soldiers being bellied up to the bar and then the civilians need to go and enjoy life: The military are not supposed to be drinking in uniform. That’s not only an Army regulation, but that’s Fort Stewart policy. And if this individual has a concern with that, then maybe this individual needs to understand his place in the military.

Today is Friday, Dec. 6, paper on page 2 there is a picture of some non-Caucasian kids in whiteface. Now how is that any less offensive than Caucasians portraying blackface? Where’s the double standard?

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