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Sound off for Dec. 18
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"I am glad to see that others complain about the guards. I go through several stops a day and I don’t think any of them know how to do their job, and no one seems to care. Someone will get hurt one day and then what?"

"More companies should follow the example set by Chick-fil-A. I honestly think any business open on Sun-day is being disrespectful to God and the holy day. Any business open on that day clearly shows that they care more about money."

"May God have mercy on this imbecile siding with Trump, who only serves to help himself and those that align themselves with his ideology. What a waste the of the presidency, a racist, a sexist and a liar. He is what’s known as low life in my neck of the woods."

"It’s time to impeach Trump. All dots lead to Donald."

"Maybe Steve Bannon has the right idea of going against the establishment — but I suggest we do term limits. That way they will not become rich on being a public servant or beholding to lobbyist and maybe address the needs of the people who put them there."

"Citizens of Walthourville stand up and expect to get the answers to questions that you have been asking from city council. Mayor Daisy Pray and her clerk need to be removed from their positions. They do not have the interests of the citizens that have elected them at heart. They have their own agendas and that is a shame. To those in positions that do the right thing I commend you. The citizens of Walthourville deserve it."

"The entire administration at Liberty Regional needs to go! CEO, CNO, CFO, directors of MedSurg, ER, everbody! Mismanagement is the norm!"

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