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Sound off for Dec. 2
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A request for the mobile food pantry in Midway: There are a lot of people who cannot make it to Hinesville to go get that food that they give out. Please have the mobile truck come to Midway. The people need it here.

What a shame that one of our veterans was treated so badly at a local restaurant. I also will take my business elsewhere.

The Liberty County basketball girls, they just flat-out outran and beat Bradwell, without any doubt, by a 29-point margin. That is called domination in basketball — a 29-point margin. Great job, Liberty County girls.

I just read about how the school board held the millage rate to 16. I think it was last year when the school board said they had to close the school because the population was lower, they were short on money, the funds were not coming in. We, as taxpayers, expect the school board to save us money and to work diligently with the money they have, and all they have done since last year when they closed the elementary school is invent superintendent jobs. Instead of having two assistant superintendents, we now have four assistant superintendents at a pay rate with which you could fully staff your custodians, parapros, cooking staff and put the proper support in the school building itself.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the soldiers and service members of the Fort Stewart and Hinesville area and to wish them the very best over the holidays. But I do have one concern. I see soldiers in uniforms at restaurants … bellied up to the bar, drinking alcohol and then getting into their privately owned vehicles and driving home. That gives a bad taste to everybody at Fort Stewart.

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