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Sound off for Dec. 27
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A parent died in our family on Thanksgiving Day. We contacted our church, we waited for our pastor to call with his condolences. It was a week later before we heard from anyone at the church. We sent emails, no one contacted us. Finally, someone did contact us through email. The pastor never did call to extend his condolences. We went to the funeral, we came back and it’s over. I guess because we did not participate in that $50,000 that the pastor wanted, perhaps he was sending us a message. What message did he send to God about himself?
In response to the caller in regards to the African-American males carrying a ball, if it’s in regards to the student that has been at the forefront of the paper for the past few weeks, he is academically sound and has been recruited by over 30 D-I schools because of his grades first. So, his academics got him to where his athletic abilities are carrying him.

Popularity decides elections, not intellect.

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