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Sound off for Dec. 30
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I certainly agree with the trash ordinance that was passed, the poly cart pick-up and display. That’s one good thing for Hinesville.
The recent ordinance on poly carts, who’s going to issue the tickets? The police are swamped now. The code-enforcement people, they don’t have enough people to do their normal thing of enforcement. And Hinesville does not enforce any of its city ordinances except taxes. So why put it in the paper unless you’re going to do something? When the citizens ask, they don’t get any response — “They’re troublemakers, they’re critical.” So it’s constructive if you pass an ordinance, enforce it.
That new trash-cart neglect ordinance has got to be the dumbest thing ever. Hopefully, in two years, we’ll have a new mayor, five new councilmembers and a new city manager who will focus on more important issues.

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