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Sound off for Feb. 3
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I’m not a retail strategist and I could have told the chamber that we do not have enough grocery stores. The minute Food Lion closed should have told anybody that we have one less store.
Nevada has lost a lot of jobs. They have a lot of problems of their own, so we’re going to send somebody we hired to go to Vegas to try to find out how to solve our problems? If these people have no ideas, fire them and get someone in who knows how to run the place. These are not the right people.
I am so proud of the Hinesville police and their new campaign against crime. I’m pretty sure that they’re going to get rid of this parking on the grass game.
There’s a building as you’re going on Veterans Parkway to Fort Stewart, around the last building, they need to know that Christmas is over. It’s almost February and they still have lights up and a wreath on the door. Somebody needs to get that down. I don’t know what the problem is. It looks kind of weird.

Regarding the chamber honoring individuals and businesses at their banquet on Friday, I have one word — cleavage.
To the person who called in about the council members going to Kenya, that is not true. The council members are not going to Kenya. If anybody goes, it is only one person, and that’s the mayor. Get your information and facts correct.
I would like to know how sergeant majors can get caught cheating, then flee the country and lie about what they’ve been doing and they don’t get no punishments. Guess what? Us lower ranks can’t get away with cheating, or we get kicked out of the Army.

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