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Sound off for Feb. 8

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How can Long County hire a new EMA director without having designated the pay and compensation package in advance?

Since the high schools decided to have computers only, notebooks, teachers should be required to have a packet written out and given to students, even study guides. There is no way kids can study their own notes and pass tests, even college kids.

I’m so disappointed in one of our representatives. I recently called to talk about why seniors in Liberty County are being taxed for schools when the state says seniors don’t have to pay it. This representative was supposed to call me back, but he didn’t.

I would like to know at Gen. Screven and 84 there are two left arrows, when there is only one left turn lane. I almost had an accident with a guy in the right lane, making a left turn.

Would somebody please check into the store in Midway that is still charging 7 percent sales tax? The special sales tax has been gone for nearly two years now.

The supply chain management branch at Winn is out of control. There’s nothing but complaints. Morale sucks.

City planners, Wal-Mart just announced it was closing 269 stores and laying off 1,600 people. They’re closing all within 10 miles of each other to only have one. How come we’re opening two of them in Hinesville? Who didn’t check this first?

Where are the GOP birthers for this election year? When did Canada become a State?  

I seem to recall that the annual evaluations for our previous school superintendents were covered in a Courier article each year. The current superintendent has been in office at least three years, and we haven’t ever heard a thing about her evaluations. Courier, can you investigate this?

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