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Sound off for Jan. 11
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Isn’t it strange, people get elected to office, good for them. They get elected, they deserve it. But isn’t it a shame when someone else has to complain about a stupid picture? My gosh, let’s set an example for all kids to get along.

I want to talk about a rip-off: For 32 years I have gone to the same dentist. Six months ago, I paid $52 to have my teeth cleaned. This morning it cost me $85.The owner has sold, and the new owner, I guess, is taking advantage of everybody in town. I hope he goes out of business.

To the citizens of Hinesville, no matter what race you are, what nationality, what anything: Why do we have so much anger? Let’s take some of that anger and help someone who needs to be helped: the children, the homeless, the elderly. Take some of that anger — the Democrats, the Republicans — Hinesville’s too small, the taxes too high. Let’s find some sort of peace so that we all can live together.

All people are going to have to stand before God one of these days, no matter what color you are or what nationality or what language you speak. You still will have to stand before God one day, even in Congress, and to give an account for all the deeds that you have done in your body. He died that you might do right.

Some people are looking at other people because of their birth certificates and where they might be born. But people should consider that this land that we own belongs to the Indians; they’re the only original people of this place that’s called America. This is their land, and look at how they’re treated.

To the person who was worried about the taxpayer paying for the dual ceremonies: Where were you at when the taxes were spent for those brand new buildings downtown? Complain about that.

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