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Sound off for Jan. 11

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Shame on Obama for stabbing Israel in the back.

I was very disappointed that Button Gwinnett didn’t do their pajama-rama this year like normal. They didn’t do anything for students and their parents. I sure hope next year is better.

As a resident of Midway, I think it is time that Midway businesses should grow. To start a nice Neighborhood Wal-Mart would be great. That way we’re not shopping in Richmond Hill for groceries.

Our elected officials are working hard to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Be advised, those of you who are in need of health care, their families will always have health care but yours won’t.

The news media on Wednesday reported that Maine is cracking down on food stamp distribution. Maybe Georgia needs to do likewise. When I see all these people using their EBT cards to buy steaks, shrimp, cake, soft drinks I think our politicians need to rethink our food stamps. Maine makes recipients work.

It’s sad when someone loses their job because they just wasn’t performing the job well. What’s even worse is when their replacement isn’t any better than them. Welcome to Hinesville, GA.

For those in local government who want to tax on post housing at Fort Stewart must not have spent any time in the military. For the tax would be passed on to military families who live on post. Which would mean the U.S. government would have to pay out more in basic housing allowance. Which comes out of every federal taxpayers’ pockets. Maybe the people who run the city and county government don’t pay their federal taxes! For collecting property taxes on Fort Stewart could cause the BRAC to realign Fort Stewart and move all the military people and their families to Fort Gordon, and just keep Fort Stewart open as a training area. Joint Base Ft. Gordon and Ft. Stewart.

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