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Sound off for Jan. 15
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I hope the moron that hit my silver Nissan in the parking lot of the Hinesville library Jan. 8 enjoyed running away from the scene of the accident. I’m left with a huge repair bill now. Thanks.

I agree about Hinesville — it is going to pot. It must be the people running it, going to China or off to D.C. and spending our money. Look at Pooler. It is now building a large mall. It has a Walmart. It has a car race for kids. It has a skating rink and movie theaters, and has a Home Depot and a Sam’s. They have all these things there and they are flourishing, and here we are, going down in the dumps. We’re starting to look like Detroit.

I don’t know why everybody complains about the poly-carts, which are, by the way, trash cans, garbage cans. When they are picked up from your house in the evening, your garbage can should be up by your house so that not everybody has to smell it.

I’m calling about Liberty Regional Medical Center … With all the remodeling they’re doing, they need to put in more handicapped parking spaces, and I mean spaces that are closer to the door for people that can’t walk. We have a lot of disabled in this county, and we need a decent place to park close to the entrances so we can get in.

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