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Sound off for Jan. 21

These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can neither verify sources nor their motives. Call 876-3733.

To the one who called in thinking the board of education gave the employees a bonus – it was not a bonus. They just returned three furlough days’ pay to the employees because we only had three furlough days this year, and our pay never got adjusted.

To the person who called in about Walmart and the employee who wouldn’t help them, I have one better for you: the other day I couldn’t find anybody in the store. I had to call customer service on my cell phone to get someone over to the department to help me out.

I think when the soldiers rent in homes, they should take care of them. We have one in our neighborhood who moved in and he leaves trash in his driveway.

The blogs just aren’t the same without JimmyMack. They’re just all one-sided. Please bring him back.

Come on, Joey Brown, pull up your big-boy pants and accept defeat, while I wallor in my victory over your SPLOST.

To the caller who called complaining about the teacher taking off points for the child misspelling their name: maybe they should give them a name that they can spell.

There’s a certain grocery store in Hinesville that is selling bad meat at regular price. When you try to ask for a refund they say ‘no.’ Funny, you are supposed to save money at this grocery store. Guess not.

I’m not trying to tell you how to run the business, but you should put JimmyMack back on the blogs. Without him, there’s no variety. It all just reads the same.

The plan to fire 50 percent of all parapros and media-center specialists because the school board blew their budget completely on iPads, servers and administrative decisions is outrageous. These people don’t make much money and are the only ones who work with the children and teachers closely and are very important to the success of children who need extra help. This is absolutely outrageous.

In response to the person who was appalled at the pastor’s tattoos: all of us are an ex-something. Maybe he had those tattoos before he came to Christ and represent who he was, and not who he is. We should not judge.

I’m a senior citizen who recently moved to Hinesville, and I’m trying to find a new primary care doctor. I’ve been calling around and no one’s calling me back. Does anyone know who’s taking new patients? I have medical insurance.

I am very upset. Two times last year I have not received my bank statement. They put it in someone else’s box. We need our mail to come to the person it’s supposed to.

Remember the guy in math class who never could get the answer right? I think that’s the guy who started Common Core.

I’d like to give a big shout-out to Liberty County’s No. 2 for the Ohio State Buckeyes, Raekwon McMillan. You made a great choice going to Ohio State. Congratulations on your national championship win.

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