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Sound off for Jan. 23

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Reference a recent Sound off: Where did the term ‘buck naked" originate?

I’m not looking forward to low temperatures this winter. On the Isle of Wight, even in small storms, we’ve got to look forward to no electricity. It seems like we have to do without too much. Maybe we should get gas heaters.

Why are the crossing guards on Highway 84 that direct buses and traffic after school and in the morning never there when they are supposed to be there. I’m sitting in traffic like 3:30 every day with three or four buses behind me, and no traffic guards. This is the intersection for Snelson-Golden and Joseph Martin.

The Bible says, "thou shalt not kill." It also says if you cause someone to lose a hand, you should take your own hand. So if you kill someone, you should kill yourself. So if someone else sentences you to death then they are also committing a sin, they are committing murder. It goes against the Bible.

Really, board of education? An 18-hour field trip from 6 in the morning until midnight to Kissimmee, Florida, for third-graders? Really?

I have a 39 year old grandfather clock that wanted to quit working. So I opened up the side panel and sprayed WD40 on the workings and it’s been running like new ever since.

When is the parental portal going to open back up? We’ve been back in school three weeks and it is still closed. Parents have the right to see how their children are doing in school.

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