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Sound off for Jan. 29
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Here are some of the issues area residents are discussing. The statements were phoned in anonymously, so the Courier does not know of they are true, nor do we know what motivated the callers:


So what if that person didn’t have their check written and that caller had to wait at the electric company. Be patient. That’s what’s wrong with the world today, everybody’s got to have it now, now now.

The caller who complained about the shelter charging to adopt pets had their heart in the right place. But there is a responsibility that goes with owning animals. Spaying, medications, food and shots all cost. Make sure you can afford one before you get one.

 If you can’t afford to buy a pet it’s unlikely you could take care of it. The only thing free about a pet is its love.

The latest comments made by Rush Limbaugh prove he is a security threat to the president of the United States and should be pulled from the airwaves.

You never know what you have until you lose it. And once you’ve lost it you can never get it back again.

Obama’s change you can believe in; unions getting a backdoor deal, CSPAN getting kicked out and we bought the vote with taxpayer money for Louisiana and Nebraska. That’s change?

Comment on the complaint about the tax commissioner sending out tax bills on Christmas Eve: The county commissioners, development authority, hospital, school board and city have to get the taxes, assessments and all that done in time for him to send out. When they drag their feet, you’re going to get your taxes late, just like every year since I moved here.

People who need drama in their lives all the time are not good people. People need to get the Bible out and read more.

That caller wanting a free dog just needs to pick up an abandoned one on the street. They’re all over. Just be careful of the costs of making sure it’s healthy.

Inflating the prices of property and raising taxes is just incredible. Pretty soon only the very rich will be able to afford property and the rest of us will be renters, just like in feudal times.

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