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Sound off for Jan. 8
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The new tax code will help most Americans tremendously. 70 percent of taxpayers use the standard deduction, which has now been doubled. This is combined with a 2 percent tax rate cut, increased child tax credit and more. Mostly high income citizens take itemized deductions, not the standard deduction. To say that changing some itemized deductions will hurt low and middle class earners is completely false."

"Democrats have campaigned on fairness for all Americans for years. Now, they have the chance to make a fairer tax code, yet they vote against it and do everything they can to shoot it down. The Republican tax plan reforms itemized deductions used by the select few, while reducing rates for all taxpayers, and increasing provisions used by low income Americans. It blows my mind that Democrats would be so vehemently against keeping more money in your paychecks."

"Rep. Carter has never said he wants to privatize the VA, but he has made comments that he would like to see a number of reforms. At his town halls, he’s said numerous times that the VA does some great things, like prosthetics and mental health support, but to pretend like the VA is operating as designed is flat out wrong. Buddy Carter supports our military and our veterans and his words and actions reinforce that."

"The train wreck that’s headed our way because of this hasty change to the federal income tax law, we’re all gonna need all the help we can get in 2018. All that glitters, ain’t gold!"

"Driver’s license testing should be done every 5 years. Too many accidents. After a certain age you should be cut off from driving."

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