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Sound off for July 15
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I just can’t believe that the county commissioners would even think about voting to hire, or contribute funds or whatever, for a consultant to bring businesses to the county. The development authority has collected our taxes for years, they pay high salaries to the executive director, and a $32,000-a-year consultant is just going to be another $32,000 this county is in in debt. That’s speculation, and this time if we can’t bring it in by upgrading our quality of life in Liberty County and Hinesville, Ga., then taxes ain’t going to do it. I’ve lived here over 20 years, and I haven’t seen a consultant bring anything into this county other than higher taxes of us taxpayers.

Congratulations to the principal at Long County High School for recommending a black male for assistant principal. My hats go off to you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

When will the Liberty County Board of Education update the dress code policy and the bus locations and the bus stops? We need to start getting ready for school, and it’s still not updated on their website. (Editor’s Note: The information will be published Aug. 4 in the Coastal Courier’s back-to-school edition.)

For the homeowner on Highway 196 East, I appreciate your patriotism, but please remove or replace your flag. Thank you.
In reference to the all-star team, a loaded team may be a reason to be upset, but it’s not a reason to mistreat children.
I applaud the bold move by the board of education. Now if we can only get the Hinesville City Council to follow suit and hire a new city manager.
That obituary on Officer Brad, that was a very good article, Courier, the best you all have ever done.

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