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Sound off for July 28
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Here are some of the issues area residents are discussing. The statements were phoned in anonymously, so the Courier does not vouch for their veracity, nor do we know what motivated the callers:


I’m calling about a contractor at Fort Stewart. Some of them are paying less than the government requires. And one just fired 20 people because of some investigation, but they just rehired 20 more. They just use them until they use them three months and then fire them.

I believe there are two sides to every story. However, Sunday’s letter to the editor makes me sick. If this young lady is mentally ill or not, it is a disgrace she was treated this way. She doesn’t sound mentally ill to me. Stick to your guns.

It seems to me about the caller worried about a vehicle costing more than someone’s home that they are jealous. As the sign says, sweep around your own door.

No, I wouldn’t vote for someone for the color of his skin. But I would vote for someone because they are a hockey mom and can see Russia from her house.

To the person obsessed with the cost or other people’s vehicles and houses, you’re hilarious. I wonder if you’re paying for their house or cars.

Beware stealing gasoline on Isle of Wight because people are wising up and you could get hurt. We are not going to put up with stealing our fuel out of our vehicles.

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