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Sound off for July 4
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The word of God says that thou shall have no other god before Me, and that the dirt is where it began and that the dirt is where it ends. You will give an account for all the moral deeds done in your body, and if you disobey God, then you know what your end will be.

Our rivers and mother ocean have served as waste-dumps since time began. Our resources are now sick and dying. How does the DNR or EPA respond? Ostrich-like; sticks its head in the sand and believes it’s unseen, attempting to avoid danger by pretending it doesn’t exist. Pollution exists in all of our rivers.

I would like to know why our state, county and city officials will never return your call in Liberty County.

Man can always do something with man, who puts themselves above the law. But God can do something about anything he wants to; He can turn this world upside down and make people see things His way.

I just read a recent paper, and this public art mural for downtown is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. If the county approves it, they are nuts.

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